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On the concept of the future drinking water treatment plant: algae harvesting from the algal biomass for biodiesel production—a review

Pages 1-18
Received 24 Jul 2011
Accepted 24 May 2012
Published online: 21 Nov 2012


It is well established that the drinking water treatment has several disadvantages such as it may rupture the algae, thereby releasing the taste- and odour-producing oils before the whole algae are removed from the treatment system. This review aims to present the concept of algae recovery instead of its removal in drinking water treatment plant. Control of algae in water supplies and some coagulation/flocculation and electrolysis experiments as harvesting methods are discussed. In fact, algae recovery instead of its removal in water treatment plant is a promising perspective and a suitable issue when the surface water comes from dams where algae blooms occur frequently. Micro-algae are a sustainable energy resource with great potential for CO2 fixation. The micro-algae could be grown in photo-bioreactors or in open ponds. A new interesting field of research would be fast and simultaneous algal biodiesel production with drinking water treatment in the biodiesel production/water treatment plant without chemicals. However, the fact that algal cultivation needs light and space would be very difficult challenge.

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